Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who Invented The Guitar

No one is too sure of who invented the guitar, that is in its earliest form. The guitar has been around for hundreds of years and it has been used in many different cultures. So who invented the guitar as it was then? Who knows. Even where it was originated is up for much speculation according to historians. But who invented the guitar as an electrical instrument is pretty clear. Les Paul was the first to invent the solid body electric guitar and his name has gone down in history as building the finest of all guitars. So when someone asks me who invented the guitar, I answer with the honorable name of Les Paul.

I remember being a little girl sitting outside in the warm sun light and watching my father play on his Les Paul guitar. I used to ask him who invented the guitar and he had no idea. But still I asked him day after day, who invented the guitar ? Especially in the summer since we were outside playing more. And for months I still asked who invented the guitar? Finally, he got sick and tired of listening to me ask who invented the guitar? And he finally did a little research. There was no internet back then so it was not as easy to find out who invented the guitar as it is today. He had to go to the library and so some serious fact checking and it took him a few days to get a solid answer, but eventually he found who invented the guitar.

The next time I asked him who invented the guitar, he had an answer. I have to tell you that I remember being shocked by the fact that he knew. I had been asking for so long who invented the guitar and I had never gotten a real answer before and now he knew who invented the guitar? I was impressed even though I was just a little girl.

It was a wonderful thing that my father did for me, to show me that m y questions mattered to him. He took the question who invented the guitar to heart and realized that it mattered to me and because it did he went out and found out who invented the guitar. So as far as I am concerned it was Les Paul who invented the guitar, just like my dad told me long ago.