Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Invented The Trumpet?

Who knows who invented the trumpet? Well, who invented the trumpet is not so important as that it was invented to begin with. The trumpet changed the sound of music enormously and things have never been the same since who invented the trumpet did invent the trumpet.

In the years since he who invented the trumpet did so this instrument has changed enormously. There is very little to explain just how much the trumpet has changed and the fact of the matter is that there is a good chance that he who invented the trumpet would probably not even recognize it today. HE who invented the trumpet would have no clue that this was the same instrument because in many ways it is not the same anymore. But still it was who invented the trumpet that made all of the new evolutions possible when it comes to this magnificent instrument.

While I cannot tell you who invented the trumpet I can tell you who wrote for it. Mozart's father wrote for the trumpet and there is no way of telling how glad hew as for he who invented the trumpet. If this person had not invented this instrument then he would not have created half as many wonderful concertos and then where would the world be. SO really, who cares who invented the trumpet? It does not matter who invented the trumpet does it?

It is much more important that we all understand the importance of the trumpet as opposed to who invented the trumpet. It does not matter in the slightest who invented the trumpet just that it was done and now we have such depth and wonder to all of the music that we hear every single day. It does not matter who invented the trumpet and you can tell that to anyone, just make it clear to them that it is just important that we can listen to great jazz and bands can play and all of that great all American music and that it simply does not matter who invented the trumpet.

IF you really want to you can use the computer to do some of your own research into who invented the trumpet. You can search for who invented the trumpet on Google or even on Yahoo search engine, it will not take you too long to find out everything that you need to know about who invented the trumpet and other things about the trumpet as well.