Friday, October 9, 2009

If You Want To Build Drums You Are Going To Have To Learn About Math And Drums

If you want to build drums you are going to have to learn about math and drums. When you are building anything you need to know the math of the thing, this is just basic sense and while it sucks for some, like me, it is just one of those tings. math and drums go hand in hand, in fact math is an integral part of pretty much everything we do, it just so happens that building anything will involve a little more math than some of us are used to. This can make math and drums more complicated to deal with, but while this is true the math aspect can also make building drums that much more rewarding.

Don't give up on building just because of the connection between math and drums. math and drums may be confusing but it is definitely worth it. You can feel so good about yourself once you have mastered both the math and drums, you will not be the only one proud of yourself either your friends and family will be so proud not to mention jealous. I say jealous because they will be wishing that they took the time to get the hand of the math and drums so that they could do what you have now done, built some gorgeous drums.

Once you have done the math and drums, worked out and built them to perfection then you can even paint the drums. Of course this is not something you would want to do with all types of drums, it will depend on what kind of drums you are making. If you are making a cultural type of drum them painting is probably a great idea. The math and drums will fade away while you are doing the art part and it will be like nothing else in the world exists beyond the tips of your fingers and the paint you are painting.

The painting of the drums are what make the drums so special oftentimes. In fact the math and drums can seem to fade into the background of the piece of art when the painting is so good. This does happen from time to time especially when the paintings are very culturally specific. The math and drums are worth any trouble that they cause you. In fact you will find that the math and drums were not even hard to build.