Sunday, September 6, 2009

Interesting Harp Seal Facts

There are all kinds of harp seal facts that are really quite fascinating. This is an amazing animal and more people should learn some harp seal facts and tell others about these harp seal facts. Not only are harp seal facts interesting they also make great trivia. If you like to ask people things that they don't know then learn some harp seal facts because this is one animal that most people know nothing about.

Here are some great harp seal facts that you can use the next time you want to stump someone. Did you know that harp seals live in the Atlantic between Russia and Canada? This is only one of the harp seal facts that I bet you did not know.

Some more harp seal facts go like this: harp seals live near and on pack ice for most of the year. They can travel as far as 2,500 kilometers each year just to get to their summer feeding grounds. This is an enormous way and the fact that they can do this with their amazing little, well, not so little really, bodies is astounding. See I told you that harp seal facts were interesting. Who knows that they could go so far?

Adult harp seals can get to weigh well over 200 pounds and the females are not really much lighter. The babies of course are small and light but the adults are huge! Learning about harp seal facts is a great way to spend some time with your children as well.

Kids love animals and teaching them some great new harp seal facts is always a good way to get them interested in the animal kingdom. This is an animal that everyone can like. They are tough and they are cute and they are resilient. There is a lot to learn from harp seals and harp seal facts.

There are so many harp seal facts out there to learn that it may hard to, now where to start but any web site that you go to looking for harp seal facts is going to be able to shed some more light on this fascinating animal. Harp seal facts can be found all over the internet and a simple search will show you millions of sites about harp seal facts and other seals as well. Don't forget that there are other seals and they all have their own facts like the harp seal facts.